Created for Holistic Health

We set out to design a completely new type of omega product,
made from wild-caught and sustainably-sourced anchoveta and based on these 3 tenets:

 Bringing Diversity to Your Microbiome

Bringing Diversity to Your Microbiome

Within your digestive microbiome, just like in the oceans and coral reefs, diversity is key.
Studies show a higher intake of omega-3s, specifically DHA, EPA, and DPA, is linked to greater microbial diversity.
Aqua Biome is designed to make your microbiome flourish.*

A Better Microbiome
Means a Better You

Studies show the gut microbiome can lead to benefits in


Plays a role in metabolizing nutrients, which affects your energy balance.*


Your microbiome-gut-brain axis has a powerful effect on your mood.*


Connected to your central nervous system, which influences brain function and behavior.*


Promotes your body’s natural communication with immune cells.*


Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels already in the normal range.*


Supports the digestion of food to help you absorb beneficial nutrients.*

The Optimal Omega Blend + DPA: The Missing Omega

Aqua Biome’s unique blend was formulated based on science to go furthest in benefitting your body’s whole health*.

1 Part DPA The Missing Omega
This is the omega-3 other fish oils don’t know about yet. DPA can be converted to EPA or DHA, whatever your body is craving, because what you need can change in an instant.
8 Parts DHA Stimulates a healthy microbiome
Not only does your microbiome love DHA, but new research shows that it’s even better than EPA at doing everything you take a fish oil for. That’s why we used more of it.
4 Parts EPA Works in harmony with DHA
EPA used to be the omega everyone wanted, but now it’s better understood the benefits of omegas are all about the ratio of DHA:EPA:DPA.
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Fish Oil On The Planet

Buy a Bottle,
Save a Reef

Our goal is to make the ocean as vibrant & healthy as you, but in some areas more than 90% of corals have disappeared. As a crucial part of the ocean’s ecosystem, they need our help. Each Aqua Biome purchase further supports our partnership with Mote Marine’s coral reef rebuilding program.

Though reefs cover only 0.2% of the ocean floor, they harbor 25% of all marine life, including one million species of fish, invertebrates and algae. Over 35,000 corals have already been planted by Mote, but this rapidly degrading marine ecosystem needs us. A portion of each Aqua Biome purchase helps Mote reach their goal of restoring 1,000 acres of coral reef life.

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Visit the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

All Our Products Are

Classic Strength Our proprietary blend, with all of the omega-3 benefits for a vibrant microbiome.
Maximum Strength 2000 mg of total fatty acids and omega-3s per serving, uniquely crafted for the ultimate level of support.
All the Benefits of Fish OilSports Performance Stay at the
top of your game. Our Sports Performance omega blend contains Quercetin Phytosome® to allow you to push yourself further and recover faster after exercise.*
All the Benefits of Fish OilDigestive Relief* Keep a handle on occasional bowel and digestive discomfort.* With all of the benefits of fish oil + Boswellia Phytosome®, this omega blend soothes the lining of your intestines to reduce digestive irritation and discomfort.*
All the Benefits of Fish OilMeriva® Curcumin Age gracefully with added joint and brain function support.* All the benefits of fish oil + Meriva® Curcumin, the most clinically proven curcumin in the world, to support your total body, joint and brain health.*
AB-PHYTOCANNABINOIDS-60-FRONT-CARTON aquabiome phytocannabinoids bottle 60
All the Benefits of Phyto CannabinoidsOmega-3s* A unique dual blend of Omega-3s plus purified hemp oil to synergistically support total biome health.* Aqua Biome™ Phytocannabinoids + Omega-3 is a remarkable blend of Omega-3s plus purified hemp extract to synergistically support total body health.*



The Enzymedica Group was founded in 1998 with the purpose of improving health through natural digestive products.

Leader in Quality
We strive to create unparalleled products that improve the wellness of our customers and empower them to take control of their health in a simple, meaningful way. As a part of our efforts, we have received more than 50 industry awards.

Leader in Purity
Along with finding the highest quality natural ingredients for our products, we have become the first brand in the industry to qualify for certification by the Clean Label Project™, an independent organization that tests consumer products for over 130 harmful contaminants and toxins.

Philanthropy and Sustainability
In an ongoing effort to help the planet and others, we partner with and make donations to the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, Autism Hope Alliance, Vitamin Angels and Rescue Freedom Project, among others, along with offsetting 100% of our total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to become carbon neutral since 2009.